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Family Literacy – Play, Learn and Grow Together

Please note some of our Family Literacy programs can now include children 0 to 18.

Check out the programs we are currently running by clicking on “Courses” in the menu above.

Programs Offered:

  • 1,2,3 Stories and Rhymes
  • Rhymes Alive!
  • Beyond the Book!
  • International Play & Learn

Other Services Available:

  • Special Events with Local Partners
  • Educational Presentations to parents of Preschool Children
  • Information about available Adult Literacy and Learning Programs

For more information, contact our Family Literacy Coordinator: 780-897-4365
or email or

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Family Literacy Information

Family Literacy is….

  • Talking, listening, singing, rhyming, reading, writing and playing in any language.
  • Cooking and reading the recipes and labels together.
  • Talking with children-discussing everything you see.
  • Writing a grocery list together.
  • Reading together everyday – books, magazines, posters, signs, etc.
  • Playing with words and language.
  • and so much more…

Program Intent:
It is the intent of SPRCL Family Literacy to provide parents who have children 0 to18 years with accessible information and ideas that will help them foster their children’s literacy and language development in an inexpensive and creative manner.

**Programs are available to families who live outside of the City of Grande Prairie. Click on “Courses” from the menu above to see what programs are currently running.


Family Literacy Coordinator 


Central Peace Coordinator
(780) 864-7774


Upcoming Program Descriptions

Family Literacy – Programs


1,2,3 Stories and Rhymes/1,2,3 Math and Me

In this program, caregivers and children (0-6 years) will engage in signing, rhyming, and reading activities with a focus on early numeracy development.  This program runs for approximately 6 weeks and will be held in communities across the Counties of Grande Prairie, Birch Hills, Saddle Hills and M.D. of Spirit River

Rhymes Alive!
This is an oral literacy program where caregivers and children (0-6 years) will sing, rhyme and play together. This program runs approximately 6 weeks. Programs will be held in communities across the Counties of Grande Prairie, Birch Hills, Saddle Hills and M.D. of Spirit River


Baby, Books and More
This is a 4 week program where caregivers gather with their infants and talk about the importance of reading, rhyming and singing with their babies, choosing age appropriate books, and more. Programs will be held in communities across theCounties of Grande Prairie, Birch Hills, Saddle Hills and M.D. of Spirit River


For more information on any of these programs, please contact:

Family Literacy Coordinator

Family Literacy Upcoming Programs

Pyjama Time Stories and


Enjoy this Family Literacy program from the comfort of your own home!

When: Wednesday February 9-Wednesday,  March 2

Time:  6:30 pm-7:10 pm

Participants must have access to the internet and a device that supports Zoom.

Please text 780-897-4365 or email to register.

(Registered participants will receive a Zoom link to join the program.)




More offerings to come!


For more information, contact us 780-897-4365 or